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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Information

What is virgin hair? 

What is raw hair?

What makes "In Style" hair different from the others?

Where does the hair come from?

In what color does the hair come?

How many bundles of hair do I need?

What is a lace closure? 

What is a lace frontal?

How long will the hair last?

How do I take care of the hair?

Can I apply heat to the hair?

Can I bleach the hair?

Can I go swimming? 


What methods of payment do you accept?

I don't have all the money right now, do you guys have a payment plan?

Order Processing

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

Can I make changes to my order after it has been placed?


How long will it take for my hair to come?

How long will it take for my lashes to come?

Do you ship internationally?


Do you guys have pick-up/delivery service?

Return Policy

What is your return policy?


Are you guys hiring?

Do you guys have a wholesale program?