The Raw Hair Collection

Our Raw Hair Collection is 100% human hair. No synthetic fibers or animal hairs have been added. This hair has been collected from temples in Chennai, India and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Raw hair is hair that has not been chemically or steam processed in any way. That is what makes it different from virgin hair. It is the highest quality of hair on the market because it comes in its most natural state. It comes in only three patterns: wavy, curly and straight. The hair is collected from one donor with cuticles still in tact and aligned in the same direction preventing tangling. You should experience little to no shedding, like all hair. It comes in its natural color ranging from 1B (off black) to 4 (medium brown). It all depends on the donor. You can color or bleach the hair to your desired color. It can tolerate heat up to 450 degrees. The hair can last up to 3 years once proper caring instructions is followed. *Each bundle is sold separately.