3 Reasons You Should Totally Get Hair Extensions!

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Haven't you heard? Hair extensions are getting more and more popular as the days go by. Find out why buying hair extensions can be totally worth it.


1. Promotes Hair Growth

If you're looking to grow some inches on your natural hair, installing hair extensions can be a great method to achieve that. A popular way to install the hair is called the "Sew-In" method. It is also referred to as a protective style. I will explain why in the coming sentences. For the sew-in, your natural hair is braided and then the weft of the hair extensions is sewed on to the braid with a needle and thread. Doing this allows your natural hair to be protected underneath. As a result of that, you are then doing less manipulation to your natural hair such as styling, applying heat, etc. That will then promote hair growth because your not putting too much stress on your own hair. Yeah girl, Don't Stress The Strands! 


Also, be sure to go to a licensed cosmetologist that has a great deal of experience in installing hair extensions.  A bad installation can result in your natural hair being damaged. If your braids are done too tight that can cause tension on the strands causing them to break off.

Tip: Use a moisturizing oil on your braids before you start to sew on the extensions. This will keep your scalp nourished and promote growth as well. Suggested Product: Wild Growth Oil.

2. No Time for Styling

In our busy daily lives, it can almost be impossible to find the time to style our hair. Whether we are going to work or just running to the supermarket or even after an intense workout at the gym, it can be a bother to bring our hair back to life. Especially since it is so time consuming. One of the best things about our extensions here at In Style Boutique & Hair, is that we have a variety of style patterns. We have patterns that range from slightly wavy to deep wave to loose curly. It just all depends on your preference. These patterns are so fun because they are already styled . You do not need to use a curling iron or any other heating tools. The pattern stays the same! Even after a wash. How awesome is that? The most it will need is some water and Argan oil to restore its shine giving your curls a nice POP! Suggested Product: OGX Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco.

3. Change Your Look

Did you do the big chop and now you miss your hair? Did you want to try a different hair color but don't want to use chemicals in your natural hair? Or maybe perhaps you're just going to an event and you want to change your look. Hair extensions can help to solve all of these problems. Here at In Style Boutique & Hair, our extensions start at 12 inches and go all the way down to 40 inches. Yes , I said 40 INCHES! Being that our hair is virgin and raw, both collections can be colored and bleached up to 613 hair color (platinum blonde). If you do bleach your extensions, be sure to follow up with a deep conditioner to keep the hair from being damaged. Remember, bleaching tends to dry your hair because of the chemicals, so it will need some extra TLC if you decide to do that. You can also make a wig out of your extensions if you are looking for an even quicker change of look.

It is clear that getting hair extensions can be a fun experiment. However, be sure to take care of your natural hair as well as your extensions.


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