How To Grow Your Edges Back!

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I am sure you know by now the era of slaying those edges are back! I mean, it’s actually been back. But now more than ever, we are seeing videos all over Instagram and YouTube of ladies sleeking down those baby hairs with a toothbrush and some edge control. Although it looks amazing, what happens when your baby hairs start to thin out? Remember, the hair around the hairline is finer and more fragile than the hair throughout the rest of the scalp. For that reason, it makes it even easier for your edges to thin out especially if it is constantly being manipulated. Are you currently experiencing hair loss around your edges? Or perhaps do you just want your edges to be thicker? Try following some of these tips:


Styling is one of the biggest reasons for hair loss around the hairline. We know those sleek high ponytails and box braids styles are so cute but it is also very damaging to your edges. Those hairstyles put a lot of tension on your strands causing them to eventually weaken and break off. Certain braided styles require the edges to be braided in which also isn’t good for the hair. If you do decide to get a style like this, be sure to not do it too often and also try holding down the front of your edges with your fingertips as it is being braided. Doing this will put less tension on your edges.

When you are styling your hair daily, be sure to not brush too hard. Those baby hairs are oh so delicate!

With a traditional sew-in with leave out, we sometimes have to keep flat ironing our edges to blend in with the rest of our hair extensions. However, too much heat to your edges will stress them out and cause breakage as well. A great alternative to this, is getting a lace closure or a lace frontal. A lace closure is an additional hair piece in which single hairs are hand tied to the lace making it extremely delicate. The measurement of the closure is typically 4 x 4. This piece is placed on top of the braids to close off the sew-in. This way you won’t have to leave out any of your natural hair. A lace frontal shares the same benefits as the closure but only that the measurement is 13 x 4. The lace goes from ear to ear giving you more parting space and versatility with styling. Get your hair slayed with our premium lace closures and lace frontals.


Your edges, as well as the rest of your hair, constantly needs to be moisturized. Dry hair is a no-no and a recipe for hair breakage. Try deep conditioning your hair every two weeks to keep it soft, shiny, and full of moisture. Deep conditioners are your best friend!

Oil your edges with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This oil moisturizes, thickens, and strengthens hair. It also prevents dandruff as well. Massage the oil into your temple and scalp 1-2 times a week. Be very patient with this. Results may take awhile.


Did you know that the foods we eat have an impact on our hair growth? Certain foods like spinach, eggs, salmon, and nuts are packed with nutrients that are vital for hair growth. Try adding more of these foods to your diet to promote healthier hair and a healthier body!

Give it a Break!

Give your edges a break from any heating tools, tight hairstyles and hair products that will harden or dry out the hair such as mousses, gels, etc. Let those edges breathe chile!

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