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Finding a new hairstylist can be very challenging. There are so many different factors to consider when searching for a stylist to ensure you get the results you want. We broke down three tips to keep in mind when beginning your search.

        1. Do Some Extensive Research

A. You may want to start by asking family and friends, even strangers for any recommendations. Sometimes the best recommendations are by word of mouth.

(Storytime: I personally have walked up to someone and asked them who did their hair. She had in the most gorgeous “lemonade braids” I have ever seen. Turns out the stylist she recommended me to definitely met my expectations and is now the only stylist I go to when I am getting braids done.)

B. Social Media is also a very helpful tool in finding a new stylist but there are still some things to look out for before considering one. Instagram, especially is a great platform because you can use hashtags to find a local hairstylist. You can literally go into the search function on Instagram and type in words like: #brooklynhairstylist, #houstonhairstylist, #miamihairstylist. Doing this will pull up stylists that are in your city and you will be able to see a full display of hair styles they did. Although social media is very helpful, it is still important to do a thorough search on the stylist you are considering.

  • Find out if they are licensed. This is very important. DO NOT go by just pictures of their work. You want to make sure ANYONE who touches your head or your hair extensions are trained professionals in the industry and know what they are doing. You do not want to risk your hair being damaged or the extensions that you have invested hundreds of dollars in.
  • Find out how many years experience they have. Whether you are getting a color, a cut, or extensions installed, you still want to know their level of expertise so you can be comfortable in knowing they will produce the results you want.
  • Are they staying current? Hair is something that constantly changes. The methods and techniques now are much different than they were years ago. Even the hair products and tools that are being used now are more advanced. Do you remember what styles were in 10 years ago? Do you remember what products and tools were used 10 years ago? Aren’t they different now? For example, weaves were still around 10 years ago. But the way weaves were installed back then were much different. Today, there are a wide variety of techniques used when installing a weave. They have also created more weaving products such as closures and frontals, that will give your sew-in or wig a more natural look. You want to make sure your stylists are up to date with the trending styles and methods so that your hair will come out exactly how you want it to.
  • What are their policies? Do they charge a fee if you arrive to your appointment late? Do you have to come with your hair already washed? Are you allowed to bring your kids or other guests? These are just a few questions you might want to ask but still make sure you familiarize yourself with their entire policy. It is usually posted on their website or their social media links.
  • Reviews. Find out what past clients are saying about the stylist. You can do this by searching their name in Google or going through their comments on Social Media. I personally have found reviews about stylists in hair groups on Facebook. You can also go to their website, if they have one, and look for their testimonials. Please do remember a person will most likely post only their good reviews on their own website. Therefore, you don’t want to use that as your only source. If you do find one or two bad reviews, don’t rule them out just yet because mishaps do happen. However, if they have consistent negative reviews from different people then maybe they might not be a good fit for you. Keep in mind, some people are paid to leave good reviews. If their reviews look too peachy perfect with all 5 stars, I would be cautious because that could possibly mean those are fake reviews.
  • Budget. Are their prices within your budget? Sometimes it might not be. But if you do decide to go over your budget is it at least worth it? Sometimes the cost of booking a stylist can be on the pricier end if they are very skilled. Determine if you want to spend just a little bit more of your coins or continue looking around to find a stylist that is more reasonably priced for you.
  • C. You may want to get a little exercise and just go searching on foot. Go to salons around your neighborhood that specializes in the style you want. They usually have signs on the front of the store listing what services they specialize in or provide.

  1. Get A Consultation

Some stylists nowadays actually charge a consultation fee. If you would rather not spend an extra fee for a consultation, that’s OK! Look for a stylist who doesn’t charge and is open to answering questions over the phone or in person. 

Ask them detailed questions about the process. Look at it like a mini interview to see if this is a stylist you would feel comfortable having a long term relationship with. Are they professional? Do they have a passion for hair? Do they seem honest about what they can’t and can’t do? Are they knowledgeable about hair care? How do they respond when you ask them questions? Remember, a stylist should be comfortable answering ANY questions you may have pertaining to your hair. They shouldn't show any signs of annoyance or irritation when asked these questions because at the end of the day you are spending your hard-earned money and you have all rights to question everything that is being done.

  1. Go For It!

Always follow your gut instinct! If you haven’t seen any red flags within steps 1 and 2, then just go for it! Book that appointment. Make sure you are on time with the right methods of payment. Upon arrival be sure to communicate AGAIN in detail what you would like so that they are fully aware of what you expect. Show pictures and/or videos of the style you want. When your stylist is finished, please be sure to carefully examine your hairstyle in a mirror with good lighting to make sure you are pleased with the results. If it turns out you do not like it, you will be able to have them correct the issue right then and there. Your stylist should also be willing to address and fix any issues you have with a positive attitude. You should be leaving that chair happy and feeling brand new!

We would love to hear any other tips you may have! Have you had a horror story with a stylist before? Drop a comment down below. 

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