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We are SO excited to tell you about our newly released Lace Wig Collection! For the girl that wants to try a new look for date night, or the girl that is experiencing hair loss and wants to give her natural hair a break, or the girl that just needs an everyday wig to wear. Our wig line caters to the girl that has comfort, style and longevity in mind. So what’s so cool about our new wigs? 

A More Secure Fit

Our lace wigs were already made with adjustable straps and combs. In addition to that, we went back and added a reinforced elastic band in the middle to give the wig a more secure fit. We wanted you guys to feel absolutely comfortable wearing these wigs even if they were not glued down. Have you ever seen those funny roller coaster ride videos where the woman’s wig goes flying off as she is ascending in the air? LOL! We just want you to know that WON’T be you with our wigs! LOL!

Our wigs are also custom made and tailored to the size of your head. They come in sizes Small{21”-21.5”}, Medium{22”-22.5”}, and Large{23”-23.5”}. They are NOT one size fits all. For a proper fit, just grab a measuring tape and measure the circumference of  your head starting from the front of the hairline, behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, to your other ear and then back to the front of the hairline. The measurements (in inches) will determine what cap size you should choose. We recommend measuring your head while your hair is braided or in a flat wrap to get the most accurate measurement.

A More Natural Appearance

We believe no one (ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!) should be able to tell you are wearing a wig. That’s why we designed these wigs with transparent lace. Transparent lace is made with a thinner and more breathable material making it more comfortable and easier to blend into the scalp. People won’t be able to detect you have on a wig because of how seamlessly it blends into your hairline. The lace already comes with a pre-plucked hairline but additional plucking may be needed to your liking. Bleaching of the knots on the lace will also enhance the natural appearance of the wig as well.

Styles & Other Features

In Style Boutique & Hair Lace Wig Collection features our luxury hair bundles that come in different textures. From straight, to body wave, to deep wave with lengths ranging from 12-28 inches. Each wig is 150% density for a full and natural volume. Each wig also comes in its natural color, 1B. You can select whether you want a frontal or full lace wig construction. We will be adding closure wig constructions to the line very soon. Another cool thing to know is that with every wig order, you will find a hair care instructions insert that will give you the perfect guideline on how to take care of the wig and hair. Follow these tips and you will be sure to get the most of our wigs. Our wigs can last up to three years with proper care! We hope you enjoyed our blog and will one day maybe enjoy our wigs!

Take a look at our Lace Wig Collection here

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